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"​ ÈS is a preposition which means In matter of .
It is always followed by a plural and therefore by a multiplicity, like the one we seek in the idea of the collective. Speaking as a group where each personality involved is concerned, without role attribution, each carrying their own perspective and approach; we apprehend creation as a collective factory to offer objects from us. Make the bet that any object or creative act is co-signed by three.

Creating live performance means proposing living objects, seen, experienced by living people. This sharing, we seek it in our own way: we seek a physical intensity that pushes our bodies to engage, to be fully inhabited. A desire to develop physical empathy, to invest bodies that communicate and exude the pleasure of being together. This research is constantly fueled by our questions about communication, group energy, the need for us to operate in this way and the social role it can play. Creating is the opportunity to come together, to work together, to question our relationship with others.

Since 2011, we have co-signed pieces by seizing, not without self-mockery, themes such as utopia, disagreement, plagiarism or the heritage of popular references."




Studied dance at the Rouen Conservatory then at the CNSMD in Lyon until 2013. In parallel with her career within the Collectif ÈS, she collaborated as a performer with Maud Blandel from the Ilka company, Guilherme Botelho from the Alias, Youtci Erdos from the company Scalène, Yan Raballand from the company Contrepoint and, more recently, Olivia Grandville at the CCN Mille Plateaux La Rochelle. She is part of the Création en Cours #1 device of the Ateliers Médicis in 2017 and works as a choreographic assistant for several projects of Yuval Pick at the CCN of Rillieux-la-Pape from 2016 to 2018 and various creations of KompleX KapharnaüM. His career is tinged with his practice of aikido Kobayashi and aikishintaiso since 2012, his attendance in sports halls and a taste for the use of speech.

Originally from Grenoble where he first trained before joining the CNSMD in Lyon in 2009. After his studies, he became a performer for the company Arcosm in the creation Bounce! In 2015 he was a permanent dancer at the CCN de Rillieux-le-Pape with Yuval Pick for two years where he participated in the creations Apnée , Eddies and Are Friends Electric? ; and covers plays Playbach and Ply . In 2017 he joined Sylvain Groud's Music for 18 musicians project and was invited in 2018 to participate in the creation Let's move at the CCN Ballet-du-Nord Roubaix.  In 2020 he was invited to the creation 3 works for 12 by Alban Richard - CCN de Caen en Normandie and joined the Cie 2Minimum  - Mélanie Perrier for the revival of the piece CARE . In 2022 he continues the collaboration with Mélanie Perrier for the creation In response to Emmanuel .


Began his dance training in Orange, then entered the Toulouse Conservatory. In 2009 she joined the CNSMD of Lyon. She worked in 2014 with Maud Blandel (Cie ILKA – Switzerland) for the creation of 2015 Touch Down . For several years she also undertakes to follow the work of David Zambrano (Flying Low, Passing Through and Improvisation). In parallel with the collective creative processes that she explores with the Collectif ÈS, Sidonie was invited in 2017, for the creation 10,000 Gestures , by Boris Charmatz, then for the Ruée in 2019 and the Tempête project in 2021.  In 2018, she collaborated with Olivia Grandville on a revival of the piece A l'Ouest (2018). In 2020, she is invited for the creation of AFTER by Tatiana Julien. She participates in the Recovering laboratories with Linda Hayford

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