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After graduating from arts and crafts in Nantes. In 2011, she joined the drama school of the National Theater of Strabourg.  in the control section. In 2013, she followed the light creation of  Par les villages , with Stéphanie Daniel, directed by Stanislas Nordey at the Palais des Papes in Avignon. As part of her studies, she is responsible for the light creation of various shows. When she left, between 2015 and 2018, she held the position of general manager of the show Days of Nothing by Mathieu Roy. She creates the light for various theatrical creations: Chearleader and Mesure pour mesure by Karim Belkacem and Maud Blandel, Touch down by Maud Blandel, Regarde les Lumières mon amour by Marie Laure Crochant, The law of gravity directed by Anthony Thibaut, La animal night  and Chorea Lasciva by Charles Chauvet, The Very Upsetting Confession , directed by the Nightshot Collective. Recently she created the lighting for the contemporary dance shows of the Collectif ÈS: Jean-Yves, Patrick and Corine  in 2017 and 1st World in 2019, as well as the creations of Frederic Fisbach since 2018 ( Convulsion , Bérénice , Vivre  ..). In 2021, she will design the lighting for the creations of Elise Chatauret ( à la vie , Pères ), by Alain Françon for one on stage by Antoine Mathieu:  KOLIK , as well as the creation of Laeticia Guedon for the Festival D'Avignon: 
Penthésilé.es , written by Marie Dilasser  For this new 2021/22 Season, she continues her collaboration with the Collectif ÈS for the latest FIASCO creation, and weaves new ones, in particular with Estelle Savasta for the musical show L'endormie , written in collaboration with Marc Nammour and Sylvain Levey as well as for the Theatrical Serial of the Théâtre de la Croix rousse in Lyon written by David Lescot and directed by Ambre Kahan. In parallel with her creation within the living arts, she is interested in the design of lighting off the stage, in particular with her participation in the WA Festival in 2014 where she is responsible for the management and lighting design of the site, as well as during of her collaboration with the bar of the Brasserie Gallia in Pantin where she thinks and creates the lights of the hall of the bar.  

Lighting designer: Jean-Yves, Patrick and Corinne; 1st World; Fiasco

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