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Le Collectif ÈS est artiste associé pour trois ans de 2023 à 2026 à la Maison et la Biennale de la danse de Lyon avec 8 autres artistes.

Cette double association permet de renforcer leur présence sur le territoire à travers des temps de résidence, des créations et pièces de répertoire présentées durant les saisons de la Maison de la danse et les Biennales, des temps de formation pour les danseur·euse·s, des ateliers de pratiques ou projets participatifs pour les amateur·rice·s. Le Collectif ÈS ouvre la biennale 2023 avec le projet OPENING, élaborera un projet de territoire grand ampleur sur le territoire du Beaujolais et sera en résidence de recherche/création et présentera la création 2025 About Lambada à la Biennale de la danse de Lyon 2025.

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The Collectif ÈS is an associated artist for three years from 2022 to 2024,
as well as La Tierce and César Vayssié

Olivia Grandville sees contemporary dance as a “thought of the body”. In her project at the CCN of La Rochelle, she wishes to deploy dance in an idea of mobility, of nomadism. We associate ourselves with this vision and this project to experience new artistic experiments, such as participating in the Mobile Artistic Action Unit. Mille Plateaux will be a testing ground for our future projects, which take Utopias as a framework of thought. This will be the place of production and launch of SHOTS, an ambitious and utopian writing concept.



Active support, formal, informal and more, since 2019



The Collectif FAIR-E team leads the CCN of Rennes and Brittany in a spirit of rare collective governance, with inventiveness and freedom of action. It is for us a place  first times, discussions on collective governance and cultural policy, meetings, sharing of practices, laboratories, utopian night or morning workshops, resources. They encourage and accompany to make real creative proposals, ours, and not those pre-supposed or expected. A place where the attempt is at the center. They are the co-authors of the Un Usage du Monde philosophy. The CCNRB supported us in production and distribution for 1ère Mondiale , Loto3000, Fiasco and the SHOTS, in partnership with the Tombées de la nuit, the Triangle and the Waterproof festival.


Stage under agreement of national interest art and dance creation - ST ETIENNE-DU-ROUVRAY


The Collectif ÈS is an associate artist for three seasons from 2022 to 2025

Directed by Raphaëlle Girard since 2018, the Rive Gauche works for dance and its encounter with the public. Our project for these three seasons will focus on the distribution of the repertoire and the work of transmission. Jean-Yves, Patrick and Corinne will thus be reinvented and updated in a version À nos aïnés for and by a group of over 60 years old. We will also create a utopian piece with amateur Stéphanais. It will also be the partner for the premieres of an upcoming creation: a trio for non-places.


CND Lyon


Stage under agreement of national interest art and dance creation - ECHIROLLES

The Collectif ÈS was artist-in-residence from January 2018 to June 2019

This residence was the place of reflection for the deployment of the Popular Series with the creation of episode 2: the Karaodance, created in partnership with the Subsistances de Lyon and a group of amateurs from the CND de Lyon. It was a year in which the transmission was questioned with the participation in ERDs, as well as the recreation of J'peux pas j'ai bal, the first episode of the popular mini-series. The CND of Lyon supported in co-production the creations 1ere Mondiale and Loto3000.



The Collectif ÈS is an associate artist for three seasons from 2019 to 2022

The association with La Rampe and the territory of Echirolles has been the ground of creation and development of our popular mini series and the opportunity for the Collective to propose new public meetings such as the YOLO concept of barter of practice, video and sound POGOS around Fiasco creation, or artistic encounters in hospitals. This association has been crossed by the covid crisis forcing the postponement each year of festive events until DANCE-RAMPE, a performative event that transforms the entire theater into a dance floor. La Rampe supported us in the production and distribution of Loto3000 and Fiasco and in the face of the difficulties due to the Covid.


LUX National Stage of Valencia


The Collectif ÈS was a companion artist for the 2018-19 season



LUX develops a strong link with its spectators with numerous participatory proposals. Thanks to this direction, we have been able to imagine a great “spectator's journey”, with the distribution of stage plays and the Popular Series which have forged a close and loyal bond with spectators and theater lovers.

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