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Sound designer, manager and cellist, trained in the sound department of ENSATT in Lyon, after musical studies at the Clermont-Ferrand Conservatory and a DMA Régie live performance in Nantes. She is particularly interested in the narrative dimension of sound, its relationship to space, but also its sensitive, emotional power. Without distinction of function between raw sound and music, she likes to combine materials and practices in the service of a project. Both in creation and on tour, she collaborates with several theater and dance companies, including Le Bruit des Couverts (Julien Geskoff), La Compagnie des Lumas (Éric Massé and Angélique Clairand), Les Hommes Approximatifs (Caroline Guiela N' Guyen), The Cassandre Company (Sébastien Valignat), The ÈS Collective and the 7h10 Company (Agnès Cambier). She is also part of the summer technical team of the Théâtre du Peuple in Bussang.


Sound designer: 1st World; Fiasco

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