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As part of his studies, Simon Zerbib discovered scenography at La Machine, in Nantes. He realizes that his engineering skills can be put to use in much larger fields than that of industry. Passage within the research centers in robotics, in particular surgical, before starting a short service of stage management within the orchestra of Auvergne. art&oh then ducks scéno inject it with the fiber of active research into artistic and technical solutions dedicated to buildings intended for arts and culture. In the same movement, the discovery of the technical direction during the creation of the Mirage Festival, the training of technician in Rigging and the contribution to the projects of KompleX KapharnaüM, cirkVOST, the Living Mechanics or Marzouk Machine mark out its global scenographic approach. In 2016, he founded the scenography agency "Les Structographes" in order to reconcile all of his scenographic activities. The accompaniment of Artists such Guillaume Marmin, Hicham Berrada, Anita Molinero, Nick Verstand completes the desire for accompaniment to artistic creation and own realization.  Listen, Understand, Translate, Give material Simon Zerbib wishes to offer the public a spectacular and sensory experience that is as intense as possible. 

Space design: Loto3000

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