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At three years old, there was The Rite of Spring, “by” Nijinsky. At twelve, the first dance lessons. At twenty, the discovery of the history of techniques: to say how things are, and not why and then in Paris, shows, an unparalleled frenzy – Impressing the Czar, W. Forsythe, Rosas Danst Rosas, AT De Keersmaeker, Folks, Y. Pick, to speak only of dance… 2013 - The meeting with Dominique Fabrègue at ENSATT (and with Dominique Bagouet, and with Odile Duboc). 2016 - The Big Leap | MARCHER, first choreographic piece with a hundred children with the Création en Cours grant | 2017 – JYPC, A dance piece in pink that ends in gray with the Collectif ÈS | Festival en Acte(s), Ten pieces at once in blue from the common with Maxime Mansion. 2018 - Mié Coquempot, Zanim'a, the impression of finally entering the family. 2019 - first “dance” lesson at ENSATT, with the costume designers | Stainless, a piece in azure green, gray and pink, always with Maxime. 2021 - Offering of Mié | Teaching "Work Analysis" at the University of Strasbourg. Look at the bodies. To find in the differences, in a sequence of gestures, actions, displacements, in the bed of flowing time, a coherence, the scandal – there where my desire stumbles.

Costume designer: Jean-Yves, Patrick and Corinne; Karaodance
Performer: Karaodance

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